Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is integration process?

Login to the portal via Fast Login. Fill the Service Provider Registration Form. After the Registration Form is filled, 30 day trial mode starts immediately. Within this mode Fast Login can be tested for only one mobile phone number. In 30 days, service provider should approve the agreement by using its KEP* mail. * (KEP mail: Registered Corporate e-mail) Otherwise trial mode will be finished for this registration. After agreement confirmation, Fast Login integration can be deployed.

2. Does Turkcell Fast Login has English language support?

Turkcell Fast Login service has ENGLISH, ARABIC, GERMAN, RUSSIAN, ROMANIAN, FRENCH, SPANISH, UKRAINIAN and DUTCH language support as well. Services that wish to provide these languages support should call the optional "language" parameter (in ISO 639-1 format) of Auth URL of Fast Login platform.

3. What is the service usage by other operator subscribers?

Turkcell Fast Login service will make authentication for other operator subscribers via SMS OTP (until other Operators in Turkey will launch their Fast Login platform).

4. Which devices support Fast Login?

Turkcell Fast Login is compatible with all devices.

5. What is Fast Login user experience?

User Experience for Turkcell end users;

User Experience for non-Turkcell end users;

6. How is the consent management process for end users?

In case of selecting Login with GSM, Fast Login asks consent from subscribers for their attributes before sharing them with service providers. Parameters below are shared with the Service Provider according to subscribers consent.

  • GSM number
  • Name-surname
  • Email

Except the information above; gender, birthdate, 18+, address and E-Commerce Law permission for the service provider may also be submitted to the end user's sharing consent according to the needs of the service provider.

Subscribers can manage their attribute consent via contacting with Turkcell Call Center.

7. What happens if subscriber's GSM number or SIM card change?

Turkcell Fast Login service itself requires that subscribers authentication device must be a SIM based device. This is because Fast Login account is linked to the SIM card and is provided and managed by the operator.