Fast Login SDK IOS

The FastLogin IOS SDK is compatible with IOS 9.0 and above. Swift 5.0 and above

1. Installation

Add to your pod file following

pod 'FastLogin', :git => '', :branch => 'v2.0'

2. Login Coordinator

Before starting the Login process you should provide following parameters,

-appID: Application id which assigned to each app by FastLogin admin

-language: Language of SDK default is TR

-useTestServer: using Test or Prod servers

-disableCellLogin: if true, cellular login functionality won’t work.

-autoLoginOnly: if true, only cellular login and remember me will work

-disableAutoLogin: if true, login process is forced to user.

-accessGroup: Keychain access group of applications if any,

class ViewController: UIViewController { 
    // Setup Login Coordinator
    var loginCoordinator: DGLoginCoordinator!
    private func setupLoginCoordinator() {
        loginCoordinator = DGLoginCoordinator(self)
        loginCoordinator.appID = "APP_ID"
        loginCoordinator.language = "TR"
        loginCoordinator.environment = DGEnvironment.test
        loginCoordinator.disableCell = false
        loginCoordinator.autoLoginOnly = false
        loginCoordinator.disableAutoLogin = false
        loginCoordinator.coordinatorDelegate = self

Afterwards call start on the coordinator. That's it!

private func start() { 
    loginCoordinator.start(dgFlow: DGFlow.login)

3. Login Coordinator Delegate

Login Coordinator Delegate methods to handle what happens after the user tries to login,

Here you would call your own API.

You can not use LoginCoordinatorDelegate with extension. You should use like this. (Module stability)

class ViewController: UIViewController, LoginCoordinatorDelegate { 
    func dgLoginToken(_ token: String) {
        print("TOKEN \(token)")
    func dgLoginFailure(_ reason: String, errorMessage: String) {
        if reason == dgKSessionTimeout as String {
        } else if reason == dgKUserExit as String {
        } else if reason == dgKNotLoginToLoginSDK as String {
        } else {
    func dgConfigurationFailure(configError: String) {

4. Logout

You can call the logout() method to logout from SDK.

private func logOut() { 

The principles regarding the use of open source codes used in the application can be accessed from the links below: